• To provide students with positive English language experiences, and create a stimulating environment to enhance students' interest in English.
  • To develop a reading culture in the school. To motivate the students to read for pleasure and to provide them with the necessary guidance to improve their reading skills and opportunities to read more.
  • To expose students with different text types throughout the year.

School Major Concerns 2012-2015

  1. To enhance students' self study skills & study autonomy through different learning activities English Activities
    • Speech Festival
    • Book Sharing
    • English Ambassadors
    • Bible verse Reading
    • Portfolio
    • Self evaluation
    • Self learning Strategies
    • Vocabulary Building
    • Fun Reading Scheme
  2. Through Moral Education, foster students' virtues and moralities, and increase their knowledge of the People's Republic of China
    • English Assemblies
    • English Activities
  3. Develop students' caring and loving spirit in accordance with Christian values
    • Buddy Reading Programmes

Subject-based activities

  • Primary Literacy Programme –Reading/Writing (PLP-R/W KS1)
  • Phonics Learning
  • English Extensive Reading Grant Activities
  • Online Reading Programme
  • Newspaper and magazine Subscription
  • Parents' Workshop
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Campus TV